Comprehensive Preventive Dentistry in Barrie, Ontario

At Dentistry by the Bay, our personalized treatment plans are cultivated by taking into account your overall health, lifestyle, and goals! At our conveniently located dental office in Barrie, it's our mission to serve your needs and goals in a meaningful way.

Dental Exam & Preventive Cleaning

young child getting a dental cleaning at Dentistry by the BayBy maintaining your regular preventive cleanings and exams, our team can help you banish tooth decay, infection, and costly dental procedures. 

At Dentistry By The Bay in Barrie, we begin with a comprehensive examination of teeth and gums in order to create a treatment plan that is customized for your unique oral needs.

Your examination will include low-radiation digital x-rays to detect decay between the teeth, as well as an oral cancer screening. We then use both hand instruments and an ultrasonic scaler to gently break up plaque and tartar that build up below the gum line. Our team will also tell you what you need to know about home care between visits so that future cleanings will be effortless and easy.

Preventive Exam Perks: Complimentary Teeth Whitening

Did you know our Barrie dental practice offers free custom teeth whitening trays and gel to all of our patients at their comprehensive preventive exams? When you visit us for preventive care, you're not only supporting your smile's best health, but it's best, brightest appearance! Your take-home whitening trays will be custom-fitted to your smile, and with our professional whitening gel, you can achieve a noticeably whiter smile at your convenience, from the comfort of your own home. 

Athletic Mouth Guards

Dentistry by the Bay can help protect your pearly whites if you are involved in high-impact sports that could result in a chipped or lost tooth. Our athletic sports guards are custom-fitted to each smile, and offer necessary protection against injury and concussion. 

Snoring Appliances and Night Guards for TMJ

If you have problems with grinding the teeth at night (bruxism) or excess snoring, the team at Dentistry by the Bay can help protect your smile and help you and your partner get a good night’s sleep with custom-crafted night guards and snoring appliances. Custom-fitted oral appliances are often worn at night to prevent damage to the teeth that can occur due to excess grinding.

Left untreated, teeth grinding can cause:

  • Extreme Jaw Pain
  • Eroded Teeth Surfaces
  • Fractured Enamel
  • Extreme Sensitivity
  • Headaches

Our team will custom-craft a bruxism night guard for you to help protect your teeth and help you resolve the effects of grinding, clenching, or snoring at night. After ruling out sleep apnea,  Dr. Luke Nogalo will create a custom dental appliance to restore your quality of sleep! 

Oral Cancer Screening

Dentistry by the Bay hygienist giving a young patient a toothbrush after his appointmentAt Dentistry By The Bay, our priority is to help each patient live a long, healthy life. Because a common concern for most of our dental patients is their risk of oral cancer, we offer oral cancer screenings at preventive appointments. When it comes to oral cancer, early detection will greatly improve the outcome.

The most common symptoms of oral cancer include:

  • Red or white sores or spots in the mouth
  • A sore that does not heal or bleeds easily
  • A thick, lump, or rough spot of irregular mouth tissue
  • Pain, tenderness, or numbness in the mouth or on the lips
  • Problems chewing, swallowing, speaking or moving your jaw

Following your oral cancer screening, our team will help you make the best decisions for your oral health! 

Quality Prevention for Early Detection

When it comes to preventive dentistry, the first thing to always remember is to visit your dentist regularly for checkups. At Dentistry By The Bay in Barrie, bi-annual dental appointments are generally covered with a low cost under most dental insurance plans. During your routine exam,  Dr. Luke Nogalo will check for oral cancer signs or indicators, including feeling for irregular tissues or bumps in your mouth, neck, and head. If he notices anything unusual or concerning, a biopsy may be recommended for further examination.

Aside from visiting Dentistry by the Bay for your checkup every six months, there are other ways you can prevent the development of oral cancer. Some of our top strategies for preventing oral cancer is avoiding tobacco products, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, and limiting your UVA/UVB sun exposure. 

Schedule Your Comprehensive Dental Care in Barrie, Ontario

Are you or your family members due for a preventive dental exam and hygiene appointment? We take a comprehensive approach to support your best oral health and total-body wellness! Call our office today to schedule your next preventive visit. 

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