Emergency Dentist Appointments in Barrie, ON

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Need urgent dental care for tooth pain, damage, or injury? Get the fast, effective emergency treatment care you need, within your budget. Contact us right away to schedule your emergency dental exam for just $99 (valued at $237 - includes 1PA and 1BW).

Dentistry by the Bay, your trusted dental haven in Barrie, ON, is your guardian against many oral health issues that could spiral into more severe complications. Even still, we understand that painful, inconvenient dental emergencies don’t run on a schedule and can strike even the healthiest of patients. That’s why we reserve time every day just for emergencies and getting you out of pain when you need us most. If you find yourself facing dental injury or sudden tooth or mouth pain! Dr. Luke Nogalo is ready to promptly schedule you for a same-day or next-day emergency dentist appointment.

Dr. Gomes of Dentistry by the Bay providing emergency dental services for a patientVisit our dental office in Barrie when you need urgent dental care for the following conditions: 

Dental Trauma and Lost Teeth

Dental trauma involving a lost tooth is a dental emergency! If your permanent tooth falls out of your mouth due to injury, Dr. Luke Nogalo suggests gently cleaning off the root, if still intact, and trying to replace it in the socket in the appropriate orientation as soon as possible. If you can replace the tooth within 30 minutes, research shows a much higher percentage of keeping your original tooth.

Other tips include storing the tooth in saliva (like in your cheek), or milk.  Do not wait more than two hours to be seen by a dental professional – contact us right away for fast relief!

Bleeding Gums

If your gums are spontaneously bleeding, even with maintenance of your regular dental cleanings and checkups, this is a dental emergency. Please visit your medical doctor immediately to check the status of your health, and let Dr. Luke Nogalo at Dentistry By The Bay know as soon as possible. Bleeding gums could be a symptom of more serious health conditions.

Broken Dental Fillings & Crowns

While Dentistry by the Bay uses the most durable, cutting-edge materials for dental crowns and fillings, restorations may become damaged for various reasons. If your dental filling or crown breaks or dislodges, scheduling an urgent dental care appointment is essential. A broken molar cusp isn't a dental emergency unless you're experiencing extreme pain. In such cases, we'll arrange a slot for you at our earliest availability.

Emergency Root Canal for Dental Abscesses

Dental abscesses arise from untreated infections just beneath the gum line. During your emergency dentist appointment, Dr. Luke Nogalo will evaluate the abscess and may recommend an emergency tooth extraction or root canal if necessary.

Your Emergency Exam

Dr. Gomes and his assistant providing emergency dentistry services for a patientTo properly evaluate the problem an x-ray of the affected area, along with a 15 to 30 minute examination, spending at least 30 minutes on your emergency dental exam will be necessary to truly define the issue at hand. Within those 30 minutes, Dr. Luke Nogalo will evaluate your needs and provide a clear treatment plan to restore your health.

Contact Us For Emergency Dentist Services in Barrie

When it. comes to dental emergencies, it's critical to seek treatment as quickly as possible. Call us right away for fast, gentle urgent care! 

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